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Face masks manufactured in Spain

Noruco is a manufacturer of medical devices that complies with all the relevant regulations, offering total guarantee of quality in PPE and surgical masks with CE marking, of 100% national production.


These products are manufactured in an aseptic environment with high bacterial filtration efficiency. Pleasant to the touch and with an efficient grip, our masks and PPE are made of top quality active fabrics.


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Face masks

Focused on health, we design products that protect you when you are using them and also others

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      Surgical Masks

      Surgical face masks prevent large particles expelled by the wearer from coming into contact with the patient or the work environment.


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      FFP2 Masks

      5-layer, high-protection, valveless FFP2 respirators are approved to retain particles down to 0.6 microns, with a minimum filtration efficiency of 95%.


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      Pediatric Masks

      Surgical face masks which, due to their small size, are suitable for use on children.                                                                                                           

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      Noruco S.L. has been beneficiary of the ESF, whose objective is to promote sustainability and quality in employment, and thanks to which it has proceeded to the hiring of young beneficiaries of the National Youth Guarantee System, supporting the reduction of the youth unemployment rate in Spain through the promotion of hiring (Contract Date). To this end, it has been supported by the "Training Plan - PICE" of the Chamber of Commerce of Seville.